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Originally Posted by Tommydaniel View Post
It would tarnish the Nexus brand, and also piss off all the other OEMs if Google did sell it in the Play Store and undercut Samsung, HTC etc. The Play Store is for Nexus devices. There's also the bit where Google said time and time again, Motorola would be separate from Google. Selling Moto products, with a custom UI and bloat in the Play Store would not make them separate.
I don't think it would tarnish the Nexus brand, but it would break the tradition of selling only Nexus brand in the play store. And yes it would piss off the other OEMs. But I think that would be a good thing. Then we might see competitive pricing with the OEMs. If the Motorola X is a real phone, then obviously Google is making there move into the cell phone market with Motorola. Do you really think that Google can keep them both separate for long?
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