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Originally Posted by Fr0stTr0n View Post
There is so much wrong with this statement in dunno were to begin. Did you seriously compare finding love to grocery shopping?
Yes I did. What are the chances for you to meet smart, good looking and attractive girl/guy who is going to be willing to do it 5 times a day when you are twenty? I'd say it's very easy. What about when you are 30? not so. 40? almost forget about love perspective. Of cause there are exceptions and I'm pretty sure someone is going to say "oh, but my mom, dad, brother, sister got successfully remarried at the age of 45" yes it's possible but not often seen.

Problem is once you are in your late twenties, it's really hard to adjust yourself to certain way of life. It's hard to change your lifestyle, life views, character, habits, ect. So it's better to pair with someone in your early twenties. You get used to persons habits, character and just the way you do things.

Bottom line is, it takes years for some to pair up, it's not one day thing, and life is full of surprises.

I don't think it's a really bad idea to date before marriage, as long as you don't change guy/girl every week or two.
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