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Originally Posted by Tommydaniel View Post
You don't think having a device that isn't pure Android in a store that sells pure Android devices wouldn't tarnish the brand? Consumers purchase the device from the store because it is stock, other than the cheap pricing.

The other bit about the pricing, has to do more with the carriers and also how OEMS would recoup money lost from selling the devices dirt cheap. Google has all of their services on the phones to fall back on for revenue which is why they are able to sell the devices dirt cheap. Other OEMS don't have that luxury.

Google purchased Motorola. Of course they are going to have some influence, but a full takeover and pulling favors, no. Android is as popular as it is today because of OEMs like HTC and Samsung. Google wouldn't want to tarnish the relationship.
I see your logic, but I don't fully agree with you about the tarnishing the Nexus brand. If the phone was labeled as a Nexus phone I would agree with you. But either way I think we can both agree that no Sprint phone would be sold in the Play Store.

As far as Google doing a full takeover of Motorola, if Motorola does not turn a profit, I am sure Google would have no problem with a full takeover. The other OEMs can get mad all they want, but Google is about making money one way or another. But I am sure Google will try to do all they can not to get to that point. Time will tell.
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