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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
Finding the right one at my age gets increasingly unlikely. I'm not gonna lie. I know some great and awesome women my age, but all of them are married. The smart guys snatched them up 6-7 years ago at the least.
Yep, that's what I was saying. I should have tried harder before they got the ring on their finger. Before then, all's fair. I know that now.

Of course I'm a 32 yr old geek with limited social skills so I ain't exactly a catch myself.
At least you're realistic about it. If marriage is what you want, you're going to have to give up at least some of your "deal breakers". Those things work both ways, you know.

When I was about your age, I hooked up with some young ones: 18, 19...early 20s. While it was fun, there was a generation gap there that in the end was insurmountable. At my age now I don't have that problem any more...

One piece of advice that I heard was to find someone who's life is heading in the same direction as yours. Of course if your life is stalled at the moment, you need to take care of that first. I see that you're active in the political section. Tea Party, right? Try attending some events. Volunteer to host one at your house. That's a good way to break the ice and meet people who think like you do.

I don't know what hobbies or other interests you have, but it should go without saying that the ones that don't attract many women aren't likely to yield results. If you're short on hobbies, maybe it's time to pick a new one. Or take a night school class. Lots of middle aged folks in those.
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