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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
Regulating said tools so that less safer tools are not in the hands of the general public is a bad idea how?
Some users are morons and when they can't read the simple directions, they get hurt.

I worked for a professional photographer for many years and we saw what happens when idiots misuse tools. They get hurt and they sue. The costs increase and laws are passed that do not need to be passed.

Some say getting hurt is a tragedy; I say it is a much needed thinning of the herd.

On the lid of my washer is a warning that basically says, if the garmet has ever been stained with oil, including vegetable oil, here is how to treat the stain, but DO NOT Dry in in the Kenmore Dryer because of the risk of fire. Some idiot likely tried drying something saturated with oil and got hurt so we all pay the price.

Thank goodness my right to keep and bear a powder cartridge nail gun is still intact. I am thinking I'll get a contractor's license and then a nice new NG to greet the occasional burglar.
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