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Originally Posted by HanSolo View Post
Good morning,

Yes, that is a lot of data isn't it! I have been downloading a few shows here and there, and it really adds up! But at least we've been able to catch up on Fringe (we still have yet to watch the series finale, so if anyone knows anything, keep your zippers zipped!)

Speaking of the Nexy, it's a good workhorse now, but I am amazed at how little time I spend on anything Android related anymore.

My windows PC finally bit the dust (again). I've been so sick of PC's with their viruses, etc., and I wasn't that big a fan of Windows 8 (navigational nightmare), so I decided to join the dark side and get a Mac. I bought a 2012 Mac Mini, got a nice big HD monitor for it, magic trackpad, and a nice bluetooth keyboard, and about a month in, I can't believe I hadn't switched before! I recently helped someone out with their PC, and using the mouse felt like I was pushing a brick around, ha ha.

I'm also addicted to my iPad still. But don't worry, unless Apple comes out with a $200 5-inch jailbreak-ready iPhone any time soon, I'll be sticking with good old Nexy.

Oh, by the way, remember my marble surgery from last year? Well I just found out it didn't take. (No, we're not pregnant, thank goodness; just went in for a test.) I don't know if I can go through that again.
I have been thinking about getting a Mac mini as well.

1) It's cheap
2) I'm not feeling Windows 8
3) I'm done trying to learn linux and find workarounds for the stuff that just doesn't work.

As far as having to go through that surgery twice...I don't know that I would do it a second time either. Yikes

How did you find out it didn't take without your wife getting pregnant (which is a good thing BTW )? I think they certified me as "good to go" within 1-2 months after surgery.
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