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Originally Posted by UBRocked View Post
I have been thinking about getting a Mac mini as well.

1) It's cheap
2) I'm not feeling Windows 8
3) I'm done trying to learn linux and find workarounds for the stuff that just doesn't work.

As far as having to go through that surgery twice...I don't know that I would do it a second time either. Yikes

How did you find out it didn't take without your wife getting pregnant (which is a good thing BTW )? I think they certified me as "good to go" within 1-2 months after surgery.
I'd definitely recommend the mac mini. I upgraded the RAM to 8GB (it's upgradeable to 16), which was very simple, and replaced the internal hard drive with an 180GB SSD for apps and Parallels (I need windows for work), and I keep all my media, documents, etc., on a 3TB external.

It's way cheaper than the iMac, you get to upgrade your monitors whenever you feel like it/can afford it, and if you are in love with the iMac screen, you can get a Thunderbolt display if you feel like shelling out $1000 (totally overpriced; I'm very happy with my $200 HP 23" monitor).

As far as surgery, well, I went in for a test about a month afterwards, and I was certified that I was shooting blanks, so all was good. They told me to come in another month later for the second check, and I put it off til about a month ago. Apparently on the second test, they found out that one or both tubes have apparently fought their way back to life (apparently I'm a quick healer) and have turned the assembly line back on again.

They say that it's rare, but it happens. I can go in for a second shot, where they will cut a bigger chunk out and burn the ends, and with a greater distance between them there will virtually be no chance that they can reconnect, and it's free of charge.

But my question was "Well why the heck didn't you do that before? Didn't you know they would want to reconnect?" And their response was "We've only had this happen twice in more than 12 years".

All I can think about is that burning smell, and I just don't know.

I just don't know.
I've got a bad feeling about this.
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