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Originally Posted by halon View Post
Han, I can tell you all about the ending of Fringe

Great show. I'm going to miss it.
No! We actually have 3 episodes, including the final 2-parter, to watch. I think we'll knock them out this weekend.

Great last season so far.

Just 2 things have always bugged me about it, and I highly doubt it gets addressed in these last 3 episodes:

1. Why just drop the parallel universe? We got a bit invested in them, and then poof, nothing? (I'm thinking there is a 65% chance we seem them again before the end)

2. This is rather obscure, and I doubt many remember it, but there was an old episode, maybe even back in Season 1 or possibly 2, where the very last shot of the episode is of a room in a lab somewhere, and what appear to be many "Peters" lying on tables, like clones. In the background, "Life is but a dream" was playing. I always thought we'd find out what that meant, but it was just dropped. (I'm thinking there is 0% chance we get that addressed before the end).

Oh well.

And don't you say a single word!!
I've got a bad feeling about this.
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