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Originally Posted by funkylogik View Post
the phone actualy performs better with like <100mb free ram
No need to worry about RAM until low RAM makes a quad core device to take more than 15 seconds for displaying keyboard or apps grid menu...

Everything is Ok if u only see 100 MB free because you've got some stuff cached, and OS quickly clears cache to provide RAM when applications demand it.

But when system is unable to provide RAM for basic applications, even killing all cached stuff, it starts stoping other apps for providing RAM to demanding one. When this process is finished, another basic app demands memory and system has to kick another runnning process for the incoming one to take place, but, this outgoing process demands its returns when get conscious is shutted down, and forces another running app to be kicked out....

This situation makes device hot like you can't imagine, because is the most intensive thrasing situation you can imagine...

Every process keeps on constant restarts, and user can't use anyone of them. Even OS processes as keyboard, setup app, etc...

It is obvious there is one big and sizing up amount of memory system is unable to free. Probably a leaking app, but if so, it must be a stock application (don't know if Google's or Samsung's) because it has privileges enough to force basic apps, as keyboard, to get out of memory in order to place itself. And remember situation remains present even after a stock reset.

I've enabled a SSH server in my system, but top only shows a 'system' process with 880M on the RSS column. Don't know what to do.

Please, stop thinking people don't know of cache and memory behaviour. This is a really undesigned and annoying situation.... No one complains of low free memory when phone runs fast and smooth and everything keeps working on.

Real billions in advance for any kind of help
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