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Default Codes for good rocket/SAM play??

hi folks,
my first post here.
been playing RD for about 2 months, currently hanging out in the mid 400's with all achievements completed and everything at level 43 except gun (40), anti air (48) and health (40).
99 % of my play is just rockets, slow towers, SAMs and occasional artillery - I never use guns, cannons or flame
looking for some cool new codes that'll give me harder hitting rockets and SAMs, without detracting too much from artillery and slow tower effectiveness. Increased range is always welcome but that's not the same thing as hitting power - I'm looking for more expensive, harder hitting rockets and secondarily SAMs.
if anyone has codes along those lines could you kindly post them?
I played 00011 for a while but I found it really boring. I was able to complete it to a perfect game using just upgraded guns and slow towers, over and over, so there was no challenge at all. Sometimes I play a few rounds of it just to get 44 million points to do some upgrades, but it's just too dang easy
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