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Edit I found the below screen with 6 options

Open Titanium, Find the paper with the check box at top of screen, click it, scroll down to restore
My options are

Restore Missing apps with data
Restore all apps with data
Restore all system data
Restore missing apps + all system data
Restore newer version of user apps.

Little more information on backup please

I'm halfway through a Chief inspired updated to aokp and I'm at the stage where I've downloaded Titanium Backup, and I'm trying to "restore AppS and APP data" per Chief's advice.

When I launch titanium click backup/restore, then hit the top 3 buttons on the upper right, I have about 15 options. Once has backup data from xlm... but I don't see any "backup APPs" anywhere

Cut and paste below is from old conversation with the Chief.

I want to pick the right options to see if this works or not. Always before I've manually configured which takes all day to load, accept, load mailstreet, type in passwords etc. then load the mail.

What do I need to click in titanium to restore the right data?

Thanks for smarter minds.

Cut and paste below

Use Titanium to backup and restore User Apps and Data. Do not do the System Apps.

• Make sure you're on the latest CWM CWMM installer.

• What to do:
1. reboot int recovery by powering down, then power back on holding vol up, vol down, and power at the same time. SELECT RECOVERY This will boot you into stock recovery.
2. using volume down, highlight 'apply' and select by using the menu button (or where it would be).
3. you should now be in cwm recovery. Depending on which one you are using, the text will either be red or cyan in color. highlight 'backup/restore' using volume keys and select with POWER button.
4. select backup
The back up will start, and will take around 5-10 minutes to complete (depending on how much stuff you have in /data)
5. Once it is done, it will go back to the main cwm menu. Select 'reboot phone now' with power button.

• wipe data/factory reset in recovery- First- separate step, not built into the upgrade package

• flash ROM do not reboot. Choose it from WITHIN GOO MANAGER

• flash Gapps

• reboot

This is from the neweset Titanium update 11 7 2012 Well Cap'n, let a NAVY guy school you for a moment

Usual process is to flash the ROM & gapps and boot up to the home screen, then reboot recovery, flash the Titanium Backup app to the app drawer, boot up to the home screen, open TiBU and restore apps and app data. Then reboot again so the data "takes".

Now it's flash the ROM & gapps, boot up to the home screen, reboot recovery, and flash the apps and app data. Reboot system. DONE.

Cuts a significant chunk of time out of the middle, don't you think?

The program I downloaded was Wug’s. Galaxy nexus root toolkit v 1.3 on your hard drive of your computer.
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