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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Oh, easy, think of it as also, not instead of.

At my last upgrade, rather than the LTEvo, I came this > < close to buying a tablet and a dumbphone. Couldn't find the combination for me, went with the big phone.

Most all situations away, I have a pack or a briefcase. Perfect for small pad, and mostly, I use my phone as a PDA anyway.
Now, with this Mini, I wouldn't need a dumbphone - it is one, really. Dial pad, lightweight, perfect for me. And never be in a situation where I took the dumbphone and then regretted it or vice versa.

The blogosphere is already making fun of this as a gimmick. Maybe it is. But I like the watch idea too, I'm into gadgets and gimmicks.

I can picture a client looking at me funny with a watch, but not so much the Mini.

I don't know, but I find it very interesting, and if it hits and works, seems like more choice to me.
This had to come to mind when 1st seeing this:

Seriously though,the SMART CONTROLLER from MOTO is actually a cool gadget to have,although admittedly I don't use mine that much,usually when the mothership phone is charging up.
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