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it is your choice, personally i could not stand Unity's lack of customization. if i wanted a dumbed down OS look i'd have kept Windows 8

the way Ubuntu is going it is taking a route just like OS X and Windows is taking. appealing to inexperienced computer users. dumbing down. i really fear for the future of tech if the fisher price method is the direction it is going. Linux has for a long time been a believer in unlimited customization. Unity's approach is to make it appeal to those who like the same thing on every system. only the wallpaper can be changed. you can't even move or relocate the launcher now. even in earlier Unity versions it was possible, now it's not. you can't even change the window decoration.

if you just looked at KDE's default Windows 9x layout and got turned off, give it more time. for a launcher (Moody i believe he meant the sidebar launcher in Unity, not the panel/start button) you could use Cairo Dock as i have. it is far easier and more customizable than the default Unity launcher.

Unity splash screens were uneffected on my end, not sure why not on yours. on my Ubuntu laptop with KDE added separately, it still has Unity for the login screen with my Unity wallpaper choice intact. only if i login with the KDE Plasma as the DE will anything change. if i log out and back into Unity everything is as i had left it
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