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Default Re: Let's see your desktop!

I find unity comfortable. It has what I want where I want it. You can indeed change window decoration in ccsm along with several other things. I also like how Nautilus interacts. It just suits me.

By the unity splash screen, I mean the purple "ubuntu" loading screen. Before log on and after log off on shut down. This was replaced with a silver splash with a kde cog on it.

I am familiar enough with kde. Like I said, its what comes with the fedora builds I use at work.

I only really wanted the features removed from ccsm in 12.10 back so setting those in kde would have been great but I like the whole gtk and icon look I have going on in unity.

Even when I had lxde on an ubuntu android image, I had it replicating unity. It may not be hugely customisable but I suppose everything is placed where it is for a reason and that reason for me seems to be efficiency through simplicity.
I don't like icons everywhere. I keep my desktop clean. I don't need lists of apps I dont use or multi tabbed interfaces. Everything I need is in the launcher, keyboard shortcuts, search or on display.
I find unity loads quicker for my config than kde. I'm a minimalist so its featureset suits, however I would like a little more eye candy. I did notice the cube didn't seem as nicely rendered in kde as it did in unity with my conky and wallpaper. Its edges seemed more jaggered.
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