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Default Re: HTC Eris is stuck on Black screen with 4 triangles and "HTC" in middle!!!!

Originally Posted by erisuser1 View Post
Hi Scotty,

You should change your screen name to Patience85.

I don't come in here much any more so I just saw this thread now. You've definitely bested me - a rescue operation from bricking to full repair that lasted for six weeks! Major props for your helpfulness and patience!

For the future (in case any more rescues happen?), two quick points:

- "" should follow after "" - the OP's post #45 suggests it was possibly done out of order. (Not sure).

- when you say "Flash ErisM***", you should probably say

"Flash using the recovery boot ErisM***"

so that it is obvious that it is NOT something flashed using fastboot. You know that, and I know it - but it might not be obvious to someone new, especially because of the mix-n-match flashing (sometimes by recovery, sometimes by fastboot).



PS I too am fond of my Eris - still using it LOL. It's days are surely numbered though - I bought a (WiFi) Nexus 7 & played with a Galaxy Note II after the holidays... so now I am fully aware of it's limits.

Many thanks eu1,any compliments/advice from you mean a lot to me,as this forum and your and scarys advice and good examples are what originally got me involved in this comunity. Good points... I'll make mental note for the next one

You'll have to let us know what your next device is..I'm scary and I both will start lurking in that forum! make sure you check out the DNA if your stickin with vzw(tho my opinions may be biased )
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