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Originally Posted by NYCHitman1 View Post
Be happy. Very very happy. This is possibly the biggest (and best) move in the off-season so far.

On another note, I can seriously appreciate someone who likes to delve into the statistics of baseball like I do. Kudos, my friend.
Thanks, and oh yeah, I either put something about that in my intro or profile. I love this, right here.

The thing about Upton is that people heard about the trade, referred to the br page and saw HR and SB in the high teens with an .800 OPS and then shouted "big deal"! Do they not look at age? Do they not know what age and/or professional year when guys usually bust out? All I know is Trout is the exception, while Kemp and Hamilton are the rules. Upton has Kemp tools and Hamilton non-screwed-up-portion-of-career-....ness.

I just now saw the prospect discussion so I will at least throw in what I see with the Yankees: They seem to do something a lot of teams do, including my Braves, and that's overrate their pitching prospects. Hughes and Joba were red flags for when Nova, Banuelos and Betances stormed into top 50 lists. I'm just amazed they ever have any A-prospects at all, ever. A- They win a lot of games, B- They sign a lot of A and B free agents, C- They make a lot of trades for that last piece. I think Mason Williams is going to be a very good player, but no superstars emerging just yet. I saw Keith Law compare him to Austin Jackson and John Sickels compare him to Holliday. I don't know what to think about Sanchez, what with Posey, Montero and Santana all coming through so recently.

FWIW, Anaheim is by far the biggest culprit for this. It's almost as if they duped us for over a decade just so they could put all the untapped talent into one freaking guy.
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