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So, to give an epilogue - after working again with almost no problems for well over two weeks my sd card finally failed me completely this time (full format previously solved the issues). This time there seems to be no easy chance of recovery. I can actually see it in disk management, but it says that card has 30MB and is write protected, so no way to format it. Tried few other apps, but no go...

Any ideas? Phone etc. dont recognize sd card, it is only in computer that i can see it as some unknown file system format which I cannot reformat due to weird size and write-protection.

Ah, it happened while watching HD movie over wifi, so no activity on sd card at the moment... And phone was barely noticeably warm due to movie i suppose, but nothing that should in my opinion effect sd card of reasonable quality...

32GB was sweet spot for me in terms of space i need and price of card, so i hope next one will outlive this one or at least last until i get replacement via warranty - could be up to one month.

edit: now it just says no media.

Anyway, old Sandisk doesn't even show up anymore on computer. Obviously it died completely. Company where i bought the card said they actually heard of failing cards, but also said it happens to other phones with sd card to. They will take it back no problem and give me another card. I hope I can also exchange it, since I already purchased new 32gb c10 Kingston. For now it works perfectly and without a glitch. We'll see for how long. :P
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