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Default Re: Any new phone rumors for Sprint?

Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
Now that is a great idea..

HTC mini... That can doc into multiple size pads..
Mini by itself for easy carry and pocketable
With a bluetooth pen stylus headphone

5 inch for quick smartphone needs

7 inch for mobile computing

10 inch for tablet play

14 inch for major computing.. Laptop use

20 inch for workstation

55 inch for TV media consumption

Of course the next version of the mini...
MUST use the exact phone dimensions.. Always
I like how you think, Dan. Now that concept would truly be "innovative"and would actually be an ideal device for my tastes and needs. I've never been shy about my fondness of the Asus padfone concept (except I hate that they went away from sd card slot), but at the same time, I still wouldn't want the mini. I'd still prefer Google glasses or the other items I mentioned.

I'd also say laptop and tablet would be one in the same, especially the way oem's are going with touchscreen laptops. I'd love to see Samsung even come out with a 4-in-1 Note package, since they manufacture the other products you brought up. It'd be heavenly to have a Note entertainment and business device = phone> tablet>desktop cpu> tv. There'd still be bluetooth connectivity, so they could even have a tablet dock for those that need more of a laptop format and are regularly on the go. Imagine is they teamed up with Asus to make that happen? Wow.
Love the G-Note series!
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