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Originally Posted by pbf98 View Post
a 10 channel for $100 thats pretty darn cheap especially Yamaha! haha
I know!!!

Back when I was doing gigs, the single most expensive part of a sound system was the mixing console. Even the cheapest, bargain basement models cost thousands of dollars. Now you can get really feature-packed consoles of even higher quality for only hundreds!

I'm not quite sure I am using the right word when I said passive, cause the ones that I'd be considering would have phantom power which is what powers microphones that need a power source.
I haven't seen any passive mixers that provide phantom power, although it's technically possible. So we can be clear on terms, passive components don't use any powered electronics for gain or buffering anywhere in the signal path. Most of the time this is done for cost reasons, but some "purist" home audio preamps are passive "to preserve the audio signal". On the pro end, my PreSonus Central Station has a passive signal path, but uses powered switching relays, metering and headphone amps.

If you've been in small bands, I'll bet you've seen your share of powered mixing consoles, which put the mixer and power amps on the same chassis. Maybe that's where the confusion is.

But any suggestions are welcome, I am fairly new to buying this kind of gear. All i have bought before were two recording mics and a 4 channel mixer that I could record with using my computer. Especially if you can also help me save money while doing it.
I'd be happy to. The first place where I'd start is by advising you to save money by not rushing to a top name like JBL, that commands premium prices for its reputation. At this point in your band's career you don't need to worry about ultimate sonic quality or top shelf gear. IME smaller venues are the places where a band's gear is most likely to be damaged or stolen by the audience or the venue owner. Besides, these small companies make really good stuff!

Can you give me a basic idea of what your PA and monitoring needs are?
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