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Originally Posted by pbf98 View Post
My mixer needs is a minimum of 4 mic inputs (xlr) more is always nice for room to grow. I've found a few, and even the yamaha one you were referring to. I really like Behringer brand mixers, I have a small one and used many of them in the past, and have really liked what I got from them.
I own a Behringer UB802 that I use as a utility mixer. It's plenty for home use, and has done double duty for doing a FOH mix for public speakers while feeding audio to my camcorder. Behringer is a great example of the good but inexpensive stuff that's available today.

As far as monitoring needs I am puzzled haha. The more I have thought of it though the more I have been considering powered vs unpowered pa cabs, and I think I would like to stick with powered
If they had made powered stage monitor speakers back in the '70s and '80s, I would have used them. When you're on a budget, you can use the effects send bus on the FOH mixer to make a passing monitor mix. (My definition of hitting the big time is when you can afford the equipment and personnel to have a separate stage monitor mixer.) This is where knowing the particulars on how different brands and makes of mixers work. Sometimes it works better to take the monitor mix at the pre-EQ point, and sometimes, like when channel EQ is used for feedback suppression, using post-EQ is best. Since the entry-level mixers rarely have buttons to select between pre/post-EQ, it pays to shop wisely for the features that you'll be relying on after the sale.

IME you can get by without miking the drummer (and save a lot of money) if you can get the amplified instrument players to cooperate by not cranking up their volume to steal the show. IME that level of cooperation is hard to accomplish, but it's key to having a band, rather than a collection of soloists, so...

So if your band is disciplined enough to not walk over each-other, you can get by with miking only the vocals and electronic instruments. One keyboard player who I worked with was so deaf that even though I had all his instruments on the FOH console, I had to keep them shut off most of the time because his own monitor was more than enough to fill the house. Getting that "rip your face off" sound is fun, but if you want to have your hearing when you're 30, you need to learn to play quieter, and leave it to the FOH PA to beat on the audience.
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