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Cool For enthusiast developers-weight loss game

Hi everyone,
I have an idea of a simple game. However I don't know many application developers so I decided to post it here. Hopefully you will embrace it as well and one of you can bring it to life
Here it is:
This app is to track one's eating habits. It is intended to have a simple interface consisting of two buttons: one green, one red. The user pushes the GREEN button when they are eating because they're genuinely hungry (yeah but what if someone is "hungry"? what if I think I am hungry but unbeknownst to me it's just boredom...something to think about). The user pushes the RED button when they are eating not because of hunger, but because they're emotional, bored, are in a social environment where they might not be hungry, but they eat because everyone else is, etc.

The total number of clicks is to total 100% and GREEN and RED clicks shall be tracked on a chart that can be posted socially in order to be compete with friends. Other statistics that should be tacked include, but are not limited to: total number of clicks (daily, monthly, annually).

The goal in the end is to have more GREEN clicks than RED clicks.

Thanks for reading it. You are welcome to bring suggestions to make it better and more useful.

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