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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
just be smart about it.
dont do it...if it feels off.. walk away.

month ago. i sold my EVO OG on craigslist.
she was a college student that was green behind the ears.
i suggested we meet at sprint store..
had them check my ESN..
and stayed there to make sure it all got activated on her account.

i think .. once activated on your account.. they can not Blacklist the device.
Sure they can...

Situation 1---the seller could report it stolen after the sale. Its unlikely to happen, but its a possibility.

Situation 2---Someone steals the phone from its rightful owner and sells it before its blacklisted.

Making the sale in the store with a carrier rep watching it can help prevent situation 1. Have them make a note on the account that the phone was legally purchased.

With situation 2 you're pretty much out of luck.
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