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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 KILLS SD CARDS!!!!!!

Originally Posted by avyrus666 View Post
Tapatalk is acting up on me.

Badically what I'm trying to say is in MY own personal experience the higher class of and SD card I use in a SMARTPHONE, the more likely it will be ruined. (In cameras it's fine)
The write speeds might be too fast for your phone, causing data loss in the transfer process, corrupting the card.

After all, 32gb IS 32gb, no matter how fast it writes.

Try using a class 4. Never had a problem on ANY phone with those. When I DID have my s3, it never gave me an issue. I'm still using the same card in my current phone.
My first card was SanDisk 32gb, class 4. They only had that one in stock where i purchased my phone, so after assuring me that card will do full hd and everything and that difference is minor, I went ahead with it and for sure all was fine for 1.5 months. I think class shouldn't be an issue, class 10 is most cards sold these days and it's working fine for some users apparently. Maybe sd cards just became junk in terms of quality control. The guy in store told me that they don't even bother customers with warranty any more, because card failing happens all the time. They just give out new sd card and do claim on their own. Cards are all original ofc.

And it's not only siii issue, since i have Note ii. But this topic has more users and responses then similar Note ii topics, which are also many... Also saw some xperia threads. Might even be an Android os issue?
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