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Default Re: Alarm doesn't work when phone is off?

It's a subtlety of wording - when I read the description it said it could schedule reboots, which isn't quite the same as scheduling a boot.

The problem is that if the board is really shut down there's no OS running at all, so no apps. A clock being updated doesn't help unless there is some other processing unit active that's monitoring the clock and capable of activating the system when some value is reached. If you have that designed into the board then you can set the time from the OS, but android hardware doesn't have that (or if it has there's no API, which would be really dumb). Or you hibernate rather than really shut down, but that's not what shutdown does on android. Without one or the other you are stuck.

I get why people would like this. There are times when I could use it myself. But the best bet for getting it would be to put it to Google or one of the manufacturers to get it designed in.
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