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Originally Posted by Gaffadin View Post
I have had nothing but problems these past few days (I thought my issues with Titanium Backup were annoying).

A lot of the time I keep seeing I am at 1x instead of 3G. Toggling airplane mode sometimes fixed it, sometimes didn't, and the same for a reboot.

I tried forcing 3G through Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks -> CDMA Network Preference -> EvDo only. A couple of days ago this used to force 3G on, but now it simply makes the phone act as if I have put it in airplane mode again. All of the signals bars go away, and the small "x" appears above them. I cannot make or receive calls or access anything via the data connection when EvDo is forced on in this way.

I toggled back to CDMA / EvDo and my phone can make and receive calls and texts again, but it's stuck at 1x about 90% of the time now.

At first I thought it might be the ROM (unlikely, since nobody else had reported it, but possible I guess) so I tried flashing the 10-15 CM7, only to experience the exact same issue.

Now I am left thinking it's one of two things:

(1) Either Sprint maintenance on my local tower, or a localised outage.

(2) The radio in my phone is on its way out.

I've been thinking about either an EVO 4G or maybe even a Nexus 4 recently, but was hoping to get a few more months out of my Triumph (it's a few months past the one year warranty). I'm at a loss as to else I can try.
I'm seeing this issue too, as is my dad who has Sprint, so my assumption is it has something to do with the "network improvements"
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