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Originally Posted by BigBruDa3rd View Post
I thought a tablet was a gimmick. A in between a laptop and desktop but no real purpose seeing that it has no DVD slot and couldn't upload programs. Having a RAZR HD smartphone didn't think I needed a tab. Looked at the N7 when it was first announced was like no SD, HDMI slot, only 8 and 16 gig, 7 inches nope not gonna buy.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago my brother purchase one so I got a chance to play with the N7. Boy was I wrong. Best electronic purchase I ever made. The size is just right debated with the N10 since it was closer to a laptop but the N10 would be too big as a portable device. Its nice but more of a stay at home tab. Everything I need is in the play store and this lil beast takes everything I throw at it. Will get the new N7 the day it is released.
Yeah, I was the same way. Got a N7, and for day to day browsing, it pretty much replaced my laptop. Only time I use my laptop is isn't realistically possible to do it on the tablet (so Visual Studio, Word, Windows games, and virtual machines).

Otherwise, my N7 pretty much does everything my laptop can, and get twice the battery life.
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