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So, I realize that this thread hasn't been posted on in a number of days but I'm facing a similar situation. I have a Droid Bionic and I love this phone. I have been having some signal issues that I shouldn't be having. Basically I can hang up from a phone call and my signal goes from fine to absolutely no service for several minutes. It will also randomly just loose service in a great service area and then get it back in a few minutes. I went thru a lot of discussion with Verizon and even a small conversation with Motorola that ended with me hanging up on them because they didn't want to help at all.

So they offered me the LG Intuition and the Razor M. I chose the Razor M. I'll have it on Friday. I'm pretty sure that I'll have the same processor if not a better one. I use Nova launcher on my Bionic. I'm hoping that the M allows me to use it. I'm also rooted on my Bionic. If I don't like the M I'll just wait my time out to use an upgrade on my account to get the S3.

I just wanted to ask what am I loosing and what am I gaining by going to the M over keeping the Bionic and dealing with the signal issues. I can live with the issues, I just thought that I could use the chance at getting a little bit better phone for awhile because I have become bored with my Bionic even though I do love it so much. I have never been happier with a phone. Which you will all probably ask why not stay with the Bionic? Well boredom with it. It feels small to me now and even though I've spent a decent amount of money on multiple cases including an otter box as well as a car mount I just want the bigger screen and honestly a new toy to play with. If an S3 would land in my lap for free I would take it an run. If a Maxx did the same thing I would run as well.

Any help would be awesome. I already think going into it that I'm not going to like it, but I'm hoping that I'm wrong.
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