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Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
Lots of chaos here yesterday, and I'm barely coherent right now. The short version--my mom, who is 89 and restrained with a Posey vest in her hospital bed [at home], choked while we were eating dinner. I physically couldn't move her/keep her in a position for the Heimlich maneuver, but realized that within seconds and called 911. The paramedics failed to dislodge it and immediately transported her to the hospital, where doctors used forceps to pull the blockage out [and reassured me Heimlich wouldn't have worked]. I was with her in the ER for hours last night, came home, didn't sleep but maybe 15 minutes, and visited her today. They're keeping her because she developed aspiration pneumonia and her vitals were off. She's saying really weird things! She told the nurses that she can't feed herself--so they sat there and fed her breakfast. She's PERFECTLY capable of feeding herself. She told them she lives with her mother--and that she lives alone. I stressed to them that she does not have Alzheimer's or any form of dementia, and they said this is not unusual at all and it'll pass.

I'm exhausted, worried, and incoherent... Oh, I always hated that my mom had me when she was so old, but now I guess it's good that I'm only in my 50s and can handle a degree...
Heart tearing events, MoodyBlues. Please accept my compassion for you and your mother.

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