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Originally Posted by roadsoup View Post
I had my phone for about 2 months with no problems. Then it started not receiving calls. I have factory reset the phone, had sprint tell me many settings to change, codes to enter, etc... None of that solved the problem. I am on my third device, so that won't help. The past week, I turned off 4G LTE, and have the phone just on 3G. Haven't had a problem since. I do not want a 4G phone that I have to use only 3G on, but for now, I at least receive calls.
You are correct! Had the replacement fone for less than two days and symptoms started happening again!! I experimented with removing apps/widgets all with same end result. This morning I did a factory reset from recovery mode and did not restore a single app, so the phone is 100% oem but I don't have high hopes of that solving the issue either. I don't know what I am going to do. I wonder if they would let me switch to a different brand phone? A guy on XDA claims AT&T is aware of this and it is a programming error and only effects the S3 but no proof other than a conversation with someone at AT&T. He further claims he was told that rooting and a rom will also solve it but I am afraid to do that in case it failes and I have to go back to AT&T for help. I have heard stories of loosing the IMEI number during rooting also tripping the flash counter and may just need my warranty.

Forgot... You mention goikng down to 3g. Most of the time, I have all my radio's (GPS, WIFI, DATA) off and only use them on demand. I wish the answer was as simple as going to 3G.

Are you running Jelly Bean?
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