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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
I'm still trying to understand why we need off-topic threads stickied.

To me, that would be like sticky'ing a how-to-root-the-LG-Ally thread in the Android Media forum.

In other words, doesn't making an off-topic thread stickied send this message -

This phone is important enough to have its own forum, but if it's off-topic, that's more important than the biggest wifi, Play Store, or broken widget support issue today, which are not stickied.

I think that is your perspective EarlyMon. A stickie I feel is seen as just another thread, just one that doesn't fall down the board. Of course if it is used it would stay up there anyway, but, and I only have the camaraderie of the SGS2 forums to go on, it would save a user having to hunt for it when wanting to share things like "I'm going to be a Dad". When it does fall down the board. Which, although great news, and I for one was happy for the poster concerned, actually came out in a custom ROM thread, and would have caused confusion to a reader wanting to find information on the aforementioned ROM, because they had to work through quite a few "congratulation" posts.

I love Phandroid forums, I came here looking for help, found it and people who are that new phenomena of the digital age - on line friends. Surely a sticky thread to talk non device talk in each devices forum is not too much to ask?
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