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Originally Posted by Shabbypenguin View Post
yea like i said in the first post, since this doesnt have the modem files you arent going to be able to revert those. so when you try to apply an update it hash checks the radio and fails. cwm wont back them up either.

no matter how many time syou flash this file if you did an update you now broke your ability to update all together.

however using this will get your phone back and working if you mess it up to where it wont boot/etc
Since this is your thread Shabby just wanna let you know that I tried to help him out by uploading my current CWM Backup but I can't seem to find a file host that will let me upload at least 548 MB in one file, so idk wtf to do at this point, he should like you said just use ODIN and flash this stock rooted tar image, it will in fact get his phone back to working order... I have however offered to even have him call me so I could help him do it step by step but I guess his phone isn't in service, but if he finds a way to call me on another phone I'm still willing to help, I'm just that type of guy, I know how it is to not have a functional phone, has happened to me too many times that I don't even wanna remember lol, not a good feeling, but these guys need to learn to trust people on here especially the great devs like you and they might learn something and get somewhere, anyway that's just my 2 cents worth if it even means anything, but once again Shabby thanks again for all that you continue to do for us, your contributions to our forums make it that much more enjoyable for us to explore, learn, and expand our knowledge on the great and vast wonderful world of Android, there's nothing else in the world that comes anywhere near it!!!
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