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Default Re: The Gun Law Discussion

Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
It looks like the discussion has degraded into one of "how much can I get away with?" I think that's a sad, but telling example of how too few Americans are making grown-up decisions, and how too many are thinking at a less than grown-up level.

No matter what the intended use, loaded firearms are extremely hazardous devices. As such, they're not suitable as toys, or to be taken lightly. We still have a very big problem with adults acting like children, using firearms in ways that IMO should not be tolerated under any circumstance. And it looks like most of us couldn't care less!

I think it's a national disgrace when the first news of a black child being murdered in Chicago becomes national news only because that black girl happened to be in the Presidential Inaugural parade only days before. I think it's a disgrace when pundits exploit the tragedy at Newtown to demand "more of the same" failed gun control laws whilst falling over as they pat themselves on the back. If it was that important to them, why are their "solutions" so half-baked?

I'm glad to see that there are at least a couple of voices of reason here. I'm also sorely disappointed to read some truly despicable, hate-filled rhetoric from people who should know better. Is this truly the best that we can do?
The "how much can I get away with" reminded me of a video I saw somewhere (i forgot, maybe YouTube?) Of some guys walking around with their big ass gun. A cop comes up and questions them and they go on about their gun rights, they refuse to id themselves and go on about those rights..... You could tell they were just trying to prove a point. I'm all for rights but that was a pretty stupid move.
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