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Originally Posted by SiempreTuna View Post
No question: it was the Desire (slightly biased as I had one): that was the first 'hit' Android phone. Nothing before it really sold well - no even the original Nexus that it was based on.

The Desire looked good, was reasonably high quality, had a decent spec (for the time, though it was beaten very, very soon afterward) and the O/S was mature enough to start to really compete with iOS. It was also the first 'droid to win phone of the year in lots of publications.

Compared to what came (very soon) after it, the Desire was a bit pants (500MB of RAM was never going to be enough), but it was the Desire that kick started the market and after it, Android went from strength to strength.

The Desire was the Stalingrad of the war with Apple
How come you didn't vote in the poll? The poor Desire was on zero votes until I gave it my official support!
For me this was the first awesome smartphone that wasn't an iPhone. It was the first phone I knew of with a 1GHz CPU (actually that was the Nexus 1, which I was looking to buy until I discovered the Desire - which for all intents and purposes was the same phone) and youtube was swamped with awesome reviews. Everyone thought it was totally amazing - fast and feature rich, and I agree, it was the phone that really started Android on its meteoric rise. I was so pleased when I took possession of my Desire <3

Originally Posted by Stuntman View Post
I voted the SGS3. I think this was the phone that really made an impact on the general public.
I think more importantly, it was undoubtedly the first android phone that could be said to be hands down better than the iPhone in terms of specs and technology, with an OS mature enough to compete with and beat iOS, and consequently tempting enough for droves of iPhone users to jump ship! It was a shame that the One X didn't fulfill this role as successfully, because it paved the way for the S3 with its quad core CPU, but I think Apple screwed that for HTC by blocking imports to the US at a very crucial moment in the device's life cycle, i.e. before the S3 was released.

Originally Posted by Rxpert83 View Post
Evo 4g
Could you give us your reasoning for this choice?
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