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Ok long phone call with AT&T yesterday afternoon after yet another failure. At first, the guy wanted to put me through the usual diagnostic hoops but I stopped him and told him to just listen to what's been done and what the symptoms are. After a while he stopped me and said he knew exactly what the issue is and will fix it for me right now! Now I do not know what all the terms he threw at me mean but I will list them here for reference. I told him that the phone was reset yesterday morning and zero apps were installed so it had to be a network issue or something wrong with my account. He told me there were "routing number mismatches" and my "LRN" was incorrect. Also said they had me on the wrong network and moved me to the Cingular wireless network. Don't know where I was previously. He also mentioned that the SOA was updated with LRN to the proper SPID. I was told the changes could happen immediately but for sure within 24 hours. No failure yet but this phone has fooled me before and gone for a couple days without failing.

One thing I didn't think was related is that I talk with my wife a lot during her long work commutes and we are constantly loosing the ability to hear one another. There are periods of silence then it pops back in. This literally happens in every call we have and we attributed it to either a tower issue or her car's Bluetooth etc but since the tech made these changes, not one call issue in the three conversations we have had. Also it seems that text messages are received and send instantly unlike they used to sit for a bit before going. Hmmmm.

I hope I do not have to post in the next couple days that the phone has failed again, it is really getting to me.
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