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everything worked out of box for me (on a previously Windows 8 computer, even the proprietary LAN/WLAN driver worked). the Unity theme that comes with Ubuntu is great for newbies, and if you meant CD burning, it works great. i think it includes a program known as 'Brasero' which is an excellent Nero clone. it also has an 'App Store' if you're familiar with Apple, called Software Center. it works in quite the same way. most of your common apps are available through it. if you got a Windows program you really need back, the binary 'Wine' is in the Software Center. install it, then download your Windows app and simply double click its setup like you would in Windows. it will take a bit and you will see a pop-up saying Wine is being updated, then it will load up as you remember it would.

i must disagree with Intel chipsets, especially Intel video chipsets(i.e., Intel 810). these are still flaky in Linux and such for gaming. most of the time you're stuck in VESA (no acceleration) and low resolution compatibility mode. performance with them is horrid. i get my best performance out of AMD CPU and ATI Radeon cards
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