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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post

i must disagree with Intel chipsets, especially Intel video chipsets(i.e., Intel 810). these are still flaky in Linux and such for gaming. most of the time you're stuck in VESA (no acceleration) and low resolution compatibility mode. performance with them is horrid.
Don't know much about the Intel 810, other than it's rather old, and how long ago did you try Linux with Intel graphics? Because these days Intel tend to be very good with the GMA series for Linux, e.g. GMA950 and GMA3100. And will often work straight away with Linux, without having to download and enable proprietary drivers.

The Intel supplied drivers are completely open source and fully accelerated. for 2D and 3D. In fact better than Nvidia and ATI, because their Linux graphics drivers are closed source and proprietary(binary blobs). Which means if there's a problem with them and something breaks, because of a kernel change or something, only Nvidia and ATI can fix them. There are open source drivers for Nvidia and ATI, but these are 2D only, no 3D acceleration.

AFAIK the only Intel graphics that require proprietary drivers for Linux are GMA500(Poulsbo) and GMA600(Cedartrail). Because these were not developed by Intel, they're actually PowerVR.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
i get my best performance out of AMD CPU and ATI Radeon cards
It will be the same in Windows. Intel graphics generally are lower performance than AMD/ATI or Nvidia. Intel designed their graphics for low power and low cost, rather than for high performance and power hungry gaming.
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