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Originally Posted by rootbrain View Post
I'm thinking that we should pass laws against murder. Really put some language behind it, ya know...
Indeed. Like capital punishment. According to its proponents, we couldn't possibly have any more murder in Texas. Maybe if we torture them before we kill them, yeah...that's the ticket!

I'm sure I'll be branded a heretic (by politicians) for saying it, but it looks to me like faux "solutions" that do more for keeping the careers of politicians safe and sound are a total waste of time. I doubt that the status quo will change much until our society as a whole decides not to accept it any more. I'm not holding my breath...

Many people cite England as a shining example of how "things should be" while conveniently ignoring the centuries of bondage and class oppression (and world wars) that shaped the English society, ignoring Northern Ireland and ignoring the fact that these Draconian gun laws aren't stopping a rising tide of violent crime there either. Others like to say that the US is the only violent nation on earth, which is also fallacious. There is no solution in maintaining fantasies about utopian times and places that never existed.

I don't have a solution. I wish I did, but I don't. I do think that it does no good to keep on embracing highly flawed ideas that have not worked in the past. If there are new and untested solutions, I'd love to hear about them. And if there aren't, can we learn to accept that? Should we? I don't know.
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