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Originally Posted by mikedt View Post
TBH I think using VESA in Linux these days with modern graphics chipsets, is like the equivalent of Windows Safe Mode, 800x600 256 colour. It's something you might have to use in the event of problems, like a proprietary Nvidia driver doesn't work with a particular kernel build.
I still have reasons for eschewing a full-on X desktop and sticking to curses-based utilities, like on my old server box. I've been using it recently to test new hard drives, copy the contents of its old RAID array to my mew, larger ones and some other things. It was originally set up with LXDE and a 1280x1024 monitor, which doesn't display well on the 1080p monitor that I'm currently using.

I'm too lazy to spend much time reconfiguring it for the new monitor, since the existing Linux install will be gone shortly. But it did get me to think about how I could no longer use a "vga=" boot argument to good effect any more.
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