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Originally Posted by SUroot View Post
Erm... of course it sync'd. Chrome browser does. If you're going to somehow make a "full" os out of a browser, you're not going to drop any features.

My android, ubuntu and windows machines fully sync.

I'll be honest, I know its your decision and prerogative, but for me that would be a complete waste of money. Fills a hole in my life that doesn't exist.

But to each his own.
yep to each their own. i appreciate your opinion though. its a niche so far that is fulling what i wanted out of the chromebook. i just need to learn how to do what i want it to do and i will be fine.

i pretty much new what i was getting myself into when i made my decision. and so far i'm not regretting it. i can see myself using this more then my laptop as i was already using my tablet more then my pc. and this is way faster then my tablet. and i like the keyboard better on the chromebook then my tablet.

now i'm not abandoning my pc or tablet. i do need to fix my laptop though.
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