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i had whatever came with my Toshiba. it just said 'Windows 8' on the tag. it displayed Metro normally unless i launched 'Desktop' and then it would have a Win7 style desktop. the wallpaper was customizable, i could auto-hide the dock and disable or enable desktop icons. but no themes. if more than say 3 or so system tray icons were showing, they'd auto hide behind a 'arrow' that if you clicked it would show all of them. i can assure you Mike's desktop looks more like a haphazard GTK theme than any Windows i have seen. and i have used Windows since version 3.0

It also had that UEFI crap too. a lot of joy getting Linux to run on that! i lost Windows 8 in the process (the partition manager had already wiped the entire HDD) and i had planned a dual boot but it did not matter as i got my game working on Linux now--if Star Trek Online had not worked, it would have been a deal breaker and a big 'whoops!' as that is the primary use of that particular laptop

i must admit i do miss Flight Simulator X. all the many hacks, add-ons, mods, payware add-ons, etc all gone. FSX refuses to run in Wine. it gets to the title screen and music then IE spits out tons of endless script errors until the machine either crashes or until i run 'pkill exe' in a terminal
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