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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
I've seen enough elderly relatives and friends' parents go into declines like that. IME it usually means that death is around the corner. I trust that you're preparing as best as you can for that eventuality.
Yes--but it's taken a while to get here. I can't exactly say I've been in denial, but I've been in sort of a twilight zone-ish place between denial and acceptance. I mean, I can talk to someone [like a doctor] and hear the appropriate words come out of my mouth regarding Mom's condition and its realities. But the rest of the time I've been in this state of refusing to accept it, and basically convincing myself that things will improve.

How about hospice care? Since there's no disease to treat, or to expect a recovery from, that seems like the best fit. Of course you're the one who knows best. I'm just putting out ideas.
It's a great idea--and one that I had brushed off until two days ago. I met with a hospice coordinator at the hospital and he did a great job of filling me in on all the things they can do. One of Mom's doctors had suggested hospice care last summer, but I wasn't there yet. When I met with the coordinator the other day, I still wasn't QUITE there--I told him I needed to process everything and I'd get back with him. Today, I did. He's sending a nurse here tomorrow to do an evaluation and get services started. I still feel a bit like I'm signing Mom's death warrant, despite being reassured that acknowledging the need for additional help, as in hospice, doesn't equate to imminent death, but it feels that way. He even made it a point to say that they have about a 7-8% 'graduation from hospice' rate. So you never know.
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