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Default [APP][4.0+] beat (v1.1.01) - a music player with floating controls

Playstore link:

  • Free & no Ads
  • First music player app that had floating controls like the fb-chatheads.
  • This is a pure FOLDER player (albums and artits is integrated, but again the whole folder where the artist/album is found will be shown!).
  • You can stream music from Dropbox and Google Drive.

I developed this for my personal use, so if you want more features, please let me know, but I might not add them :P.

The app is fully customizable: Different list styles, colors, sizes.


(done, testing) - shuffle/repeat not sticking after app restart
(done, testing) - small cover not displayed, when switching from cloud to device 
+ showing small cover placeholder if no cover is found, because it is clickable now (jumps to currently playing folder)
(done, testing) - song name sometimes not displayed in notification / on lock screen
- placeholder image might be sized wrong when the cover size is changed until the view is reloaded
- app needs to be active for widget to work
- cloud playback: no fwd/rwd + force close
- incoming sms pauses the playback


- covers displayed per file not per folder (if set in tag)

- fixed source spinner immediately closing
- versioning changed 

- fixed crash when switching to external storage

- cover in floating controls optimized
- fixed a couple of force closes
- covers displayed in floating controls instead of the icon
- font sizes should be fixed

- fixed Equalizer after breaking it in 1.28

 Reduced for all devices because it causes memory errors on devices with big screens
 I will handle the picture resolution properly in the next updates
- fix: covers from tags was disabled
- fix: force close (pictures too big on huge screens to fit in memory)
- fix: slide up panel not 'slideable' after reopening the app after a while
- fix: rare crash when bastboost is enabled on some devices
- fix: rare crash when switching songs with floating controls
- fix: song name in notification only updates when songs are switched from the notification (2)


- fix: rare force close 1
- fix: rare force close 2
- fix: next song not playing, when switched from 'on device' to 'cloud' and back to 'on device'
- fix: song name in notification only updates when songs are switched from the notification
(done, testing) swiping up/down in slideup-panel to quickly change volume
(done, testing) animating the top cover image a bit (l,r,u,d, scaling)
(done, testing) tapping the now-playing cover to jump to playing folder

- other cloud services (Box, Copy, ...), if there is an Android API for the service, I will look into adding it
- tablet + landscape layouts
- random playback from all songs
- include subfolders to playback/playlists
- display all songs
- option to additionally display info - such as album name on folders
- check if it is possible to map keyboard keys (e.g. via USB) to functions in app (shuffle/repeat, etc.)


I didn't remove the 'buy ad removal' option, when I removed the ads, you could purchase that in the app (it's a subscription, tho).

bitcoin: 16u61172ABPD4uQg1Qx2Ajt8NZ96VYsYbd

Drummer's Metronome:

Set Volumes for Acc, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, Triols
Chose Samples for Acc, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, Triols
Use the built-In Samples or load custom Samples (WAV Mono)
A huge Optonome
Samples can be edited (Length, Pitch, Decay, Attack)
Metronome Settings can be saved and managed in lists
10-280 BPM, 3/4 or 4/4


My homepage: Drummer's Metronome - The best Metronome for Drummers on Android!

Holo Metronome:

Playstore link:

It is free, robust, easy to use and the best feature it has: I am still actively developing it. So if you have an idea which should be implemented or find a bug, it usually takes only a couple of hours until I have an update ready.

The app is divided into multiple screens:
  • JUST BPM: either tap the speed or use one of the many buttons to adjust it
  • ADVANCED: change ticks per beat, beats per bar, turn on vibrate or mute
  • INDICATOR: one single screen for a huge beat counter
  • Magic Wheel: a drum teacher told me that it might be good for his students to have a metronome which would increase the speed over time, so I added the magic wheel. Set the starting BPM at from BPM, set the final BPM at to BPM. Switch the magic wheel on and set the magic number. The higher the number the shorter the time it takes to go from start to final BPM.
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