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Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Just to add some clarity to Liamo's post, I'm Pup. I did a username change several months ago.
Vague memories ebb and flow through my mind... (old user name evades me.. ).

But yes.. I hope the watering hole thing can be resolved, as it has the potential now to get out of hand. At the beginning the notion was generated by an epic thread that had a life of its own in a device forum in anticipation of that device's release. Once the release came about, the thread's community had bonded enough to want to continue with banter having little or nothing to do with the device, so...

Now we're seeing more come along, but not as "organic" as the first one I guess.

It is beginning to look like the choices are to allow the ones which lose interest to just float to the bottom and off the page (they could of course be bumped back to the top at any time by an "enthusiast" ), or place a special sub area for them in the Lounge, perhaps with a link in each device forum for "(device name) lounge chatter/chit-chat/off-topic talk". <----- doing that last thing would have Staff moving threads more, of course, or portions of threads.. or more warnings or reminders etc about where to chit-chat.. etc.

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