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Default Re: pesky watering holes... can they go?

I tried to read this all, but I'm here way tooooooo late
/lounge/water hole/
If needed, throw a link in the welcome message to new users about the sub forum. Not a thread.
Include it in the forum rules.
Maybe in the both sections of device's stickies. Atr guide and F.A.Q.

Just a little come hang out and "chit chat" here 'link' Once again, not a thread link, sub forum link.
That will do a few things, get them out of the device forum.
Promote community based discussion.
And hopefully expose them to the lounge also.

I can say for at least the first 8 months I was here, I didn't even know what the lounge was. I still don't go there to often.

PS Free advertising

Sorry. I've been up all night trying to work out a cm10 build, so if any of this didn't make sense, l sorry
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