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Originally Posted by beowulf7 View Post
Thanks for the very informative post. (I apologize for my delay in responding.) Do you have to reinstall all your apps and settings every time you change the ROM?
Yes, but there is a great app called Titanium Backup Pro that makes it pretty easy to reinstall your apps (with their data), so it's just some settings that you need to readjust.

There is a great FAQ for TiBu here: [Guide] TitaniumBackup Tutorial

(My only change to this is to tell you that restoring SMS messages back to Motorola "Blur" phones like the Droid 3 will restore all of the messages with the date and time that you run the restore, which is rather annoying. I just start text messages from scratch. I'd also avoid restoring the call log. In fact, I have noticed that call delay myself, and I wonder if it is worse when the call log is long. It may also be due to the phone running a long time between restarts, though.)

TiBu: v_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDNd

The Pro key: =more_from_developer#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiwiY29tLm tlcmFtaWRhcy5UaXRhbml1bUJhY2t1cFBybyJd

(Honestly, I think it is worth the $7...)

I've never rooted before which means I've never changed the ROM before, so I have quite a bit of apprehension as you can imagine.
Everyone does before they have rooted a phone for the first time. I did. (It was almost three years ago since I rooted my first phone, though. A long time ago now!)

As far as the types of ROMs available, I'm not picky. I'm looking for something relatively lightweight that allows the phone to look and act somewhat stock, but get the bloat and bugs out that the stock 5.7.906 version has.
I think that you would like the two ROMs that I list. Minimoto, by the way, comes without a soft keyboard, so you need the hardware keyboard to set up the phone and then install a keyboard from the market. I use Swiftkey myself anyway, but if you use Swype or the Motorola keyboard, you may prefer to try that other ROM from Q9Nap that I listed.

Minimoto is definitely lighter, but the ROM from Q9Nap also is missing of all of the Verizon bloatware, like the Blockbuster app, the NFL app, etc.

If you use Safestrap, you can always go back to the stock system quite easily if you do not like the custom ROMs that you try.
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