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Wow what a hectic story,

Well I am just really happy she didn't pass away!


Hmmm ja I will never forget the times my dad had Multiple Myloma (Yes okay I KNOW I can't spell haha!! ).

It is bone marrow cancer.

I will NEVER forget how we found out that my dad had it.

I used to never believe in miracles but I do today.

It was a miracle how we found out that is for sure!

My dad is obsessed with the big blue he is CrAzY about fishing and killing innocent fishlings that already have a low IQ and likes beating them over the head with a fishing baton!


Anyway let me get back to the story!

My dad is Paddle Skiing on the Indian Ocean in Mozambique (really freaking messed up country where you can buy an AK-47 for 50 Rands dodgy man! Just dogy! )

And my dad is obsessed and catches The Cuta (I think you Yankies call them the "King Mackerel" in Yankie Doodle Land???)

So try to remember my dad is out I'd say a really good 4 or maybe 6 or so Kilometers out from the shore give or take?

I remember being in my old man's Ski Boat and you can hardly see land it is really tiny.

It is almost the same on a paddle ski.

BUT all of a sardine this mother of mother's of a Tiger Shark BITES the poop out of the back of my dad's paddle ski at the back!

Very often surfers, body boarders and paddle skiers them sharks see them as tasty Turtle Food and want to have a quick snack!

Ahhh gotta love nature!

So once this 3-4 meter Tiger Shark smashes into the back of my dad's Paddle Ski with it's big freaking jaw my dad (naturally!) shits in his pants!

SO he and about 6 of his friends from what I recall start GUNNING for the shore and runnin for their little lives so they become a quick little snack!

But as my dad gets off his paddle ski at the shore break in all of the panic my dad gets hit by accident one of his friends just nips / bumbs the geezer on his rib cage with my dad's friends paddle ski so it broke the rib cage slightly.

And if it hadn't been for my dad's friend that was freaked out by the thought of becoming shark bait then my dad would not be alive today.


My dad would be dead now.

So then my dad with 1 broken rib is in some pain and all that.... BUT then it didn't heal after a long period of time...

And that is when we realized something was very wrong!

It took the geezer about i think it is now 8 years since he got cured?

Ja that is right it is 8 years now>

BUT to make this Oprah Winfrey material story even more "worthy" there is only one way I think that was back then that you could do to "cure it".

You do a Bone Marrow Biopsy.

But to do this you need a match that is VERY close to the hosts Bone Marrow itself.

You need to do a bone marrow transplant with the close relative lose to your own DNA and what the doctors do is they somehow "swap" out the immune system out of the sick patient and they make the new bone marrow they pump it up to make it like a young childs.

My dad's immune system is basically only 8 years old give or take. Don't ask me how the hell they did this though okay!

I don't think I am explaining it very well at all but it works like crazy though.

LUCKILY my dad had 5 siblings.

Wendy passed away due to cancer too.

3 Sisters originally but 2 today remain.

And 2 brothers.

They all went for tests (also Wendy when she was still around) but ONLY 1 out of them all was not only a "sort of" match but Uncle Stuart was a freaking like 99,99% match!!!!

ANOTHER miracle!!!!

The others did not even get over single digits but Uncle Stuart was like a freaking REALLY good match!!!


We couldn't believe our luck!

If it hadn't been for our now traitorous Uncle Stuart my dad would not have made it either!

(My Uncle Stuart is a TRAITOR because he immigrated over to that CrAzY place called Yankie-Doodle-Land in San Diego and I miss him he is such a cool guy.)

My dad still has serious problems today because it is never "perfect" when they do the bone marrow transplant so my dad's toe nails keep falling off and he can't eat anything spicy at all.


And we all lived happily ever after!

Out walking me Roach Coach ek se!

Brb in 1 000 years
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