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Originally Posted by Spiderbot View Post
I'm also looking to pick up one of these. I have a regular HDTV as well and would like some internet access and so forth. The one I like best so far is a dual core Android mini PC RK3066 by Timing Power Company. This is the device reviewed by Engadget and PC World at this year's CES. Check it out at

I will probably pick it up in the coming weeks. Hope this helps.
Yes it helps, thank you!!! But I finally found the device I was looking for and it is AWESOME!!!

It's called a Minix NEO X5, dude it's so worth it.

Basically all those "Stick" usb powered android media devices are crap compared to this device, and it has so much potential, that it's the best as of this moment (early 2013).

All those Stick devices, and many other powered boxes seemed to have many problems and limitations compared to this device (I did a lot of research), so I went for it, and it was worth it.

Pros: Much more extra posibilities for botch ICS or JellyBean, as well as hardware compatibilities (I use it with an Logitech K400, and a webcam, as well as different usb flash drives).

The wiFi antenna rocks, and it's pretty solid for a 2.4Ghz, get almost the same 25mbps of download on my broadband comcamst router that gets around 25 as well, even over wifi, over 3 bedrooms and a kitchen apart...not too shaby.

The community behind it it's pretty active, and the company seems pretty active fixing issues and even listening to people's advice, integrating new features, and minor fixes. Search for the official Minix forums, or the upcoming Finless ROM over at Freaktab forums.

True 1080p over SDHC is pretty good, as well as streaming, but you will have to dig around settings on XBMC and play around with MX Player.

The price is very reasonable, comparing to other android media boxes that are pure crap.

They are active upgrading the firmware, and adding new features as well as fixing minor problems.

Has custom ROMS and Root, and more custom rooms, and future firmwares will be available.

It's small, glossy around the sides, but not the top, so it won't attract as much dust, and it looks sexy.

Cons: You might have to trim the plastic a little off the edge of the usb micro usb cable, since the female connector is a little too deep. They show a tutorial and acknowledge this problem. Being that they are a small chinese company, and at the price they give this device, I didn't complain.

Hardware Acceleration on XBMC is not yet fully supported, but most likely will be in the future. HD Content may be a little choppy at times because of this, but they are working nonstop at XBMC to fix this.

Get it.
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