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Default Note 2 and S3; *why* do you love them?

Let me start with the fact that I am coming from an iPhone and am loving that I have so many options; I'm not used to this. That being said, I cannot decide. I am up for my upgrade in the beginning of April. I am having fun checking the phones out, getting used to the Android forums, and basically just drooling over phones.

The two that I am strongly considering are the Samsung Galaxy S4 (depending when it is released) and the Note 2 (or 3 if that is out, but from what can find, it isn't rumored to be released until the end of the year). I have been reading comparisons between the S3 and the Note 2, since there is no S4 yet and I assume it will only be better than the S3 (hopefully the camera will be) and people seem incredibly happy with both phones. I know the Note is large and I am not sure how I feel about that. I am heading to Best Buy tomorrow to check it out and see what I think about the size. I do put my phone in my back pocket or hoodie pocket a lot, and I do not know if that would be possible with the Note 2.

So I know most of you LOVE these phones, but why?

Sidenote: I dislike talking on my phone, nut use it to text, email, browse the web, take photos, edit photos, and use Facebook. I care about battery life, speed (definitely want LTE), screen quality, reliability, and the camera quality.
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