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What a pity that they skimped with the phono cartridge!

I've spent more hours listening to Quad amps and loudspeakers (and of course the LP12) than any other high-end playback system. Ken Christianson of Victor's Stereo, and later (and still) Pro Musica in Chicago was also a serious hobbyist at making recordings of acoustic music performances.

Sure, there were plenty of records that sounded great with nothing else to compare them to. But when Ken plugged in his modded Revox open-reel deck and played some of his recordings, the difference was readily apparent.

I consider myself exceedingly fortunate to have had people like Ken and Victor mentoring me back then. And thanks to people like Sam Tellig when he was the "Audio Cheapskate" at Stereophile magazine, I was able to own some pretty decent gear at prices that I could afford.
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