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I'm really sorry to hear about your mother's predicament, but I'm glad she was saved.

Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
It's tough. When the nurse was here this afternoon she wanted to start the morphine and also give Mom Ativan, and I refused on both counts. I'm not going to exacerbate Mom's death with narcotics, which she doesn't NEED right now and would only be used to make it easier on everybody AROUND her. No. Not going to happen. I was incredulous when the nurse suggested both, and I questioned the reasoning for each of them. She said "her respirations are at about 25 right now" for the morphine--and I said, well, morphine will SUPPRESS her breathing, so, no. And for the Ativan she said "it'll make her less anxious," to which I said "SHE'S ASLEEP. How much less anxious can she be?!"
This makes me angry. I'm so glad you refused. My Mum had cancer and once they administered morphine she went into a rapid decline. When my Dad called me and told me she was really bad I came, but it was too late. She was unconscious (or at least unable to open her eyes and talk; she may have been able to hear us) for the final week of her life, and I never got to say goodbye.

I really believe that some medical staff "help" seriously ill patients towards "release" to make everybody's lives easier, especially their own.

My Mum didn't actually die of the lung cancer, but caught pneumonia. After she had died, I discovered some of the medication the nurses had been administering, and one of them, a supposed anti-emetic, had serious side-effects of producing fluid on the lungs and hindering respiration. I vented my spleen at the doctor and he just stood there looking embarrassed because he couldn't counter my accusation - maybe, in hindsight, because he knew I was grieving.

I applaud your refusal to let them dope up your mom. You would have lost her all the sooner if you had. Make the most of her while you can.
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